Perfect union of form and function, Bang & Olufsen iconic products sweetly decorates your spaces. And our customizations match beautifully with your creativity


Premium image quality. We are in a constant research of the maximum quality and thou every installation is fine tuned by trained experts.


Hear the difference. Our technological breakthroughs never seek technology as an end. Instead, they are driven for the senses.


Deeply engineered movements guarantee fluidity and product durability. All our recent installations uses zero dB noise emission components.

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User Interface

Ease of use has always been our main goal. The technology must be at your service through simplified commands and macros for everyday activities.


Mixing up the best of each brand to combine complex scenarios and give magic has been our specialty for over 20 years.  All your property acting as one intelligent companion.


The choice of premium finishes and materials will make you love our craftsmanship products and customizations. Metals, glasses, woods, plastics and fabrics are carefully specified.


The combination of all of that, delivers award winning quality for your projects. The satisfaction of our customers is the first and most important thing at Prime Site.

System Design

Our engineering team provides projects for homes, villas,  hotels,  offices,  retails, yachts, from small to large properties all around the world. We also develop contract projects, side by side with the most important architects.


Our showroom is located in downtown Milano. The retail staff has the expertise and knowledge to identify efficiently what you want and really need and if you have still any doubt about how the product will fit to your spaces or needs, it is available for on-site visit.


We produce the smoothest electrically operated hiding mechanisms for any Televisions and HiFi Components. Our craftsmanship  is also applied to the wall control and sockets which we can produce with various metal and stones finishes.


We have a ,incredibly trained and trusty technical team that as worked in this field for at least 20 years. Thanks to their unique experience you will get the maximum from your purchase.


The internal certified technical service will assist all the kinds of issues you may encounter. We repair also products bought from third parties in fast and efficient way.

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